Our work spans across various policy areas and we partner with government agencies and non-profits locally, nationally, and globally across all policy areas. Several of our projects come out of work initiated during the Data Science for Social Good Fellowship Program that we run during the summer.

In addition to projects that we do in collaboration with governments and non-profits, we also focus on data science research that is motivated by those projects and can have a big impact in social science and public policy. Our research areas include:

  • Supervised learning for large-scale behavior prediction
  • Detecting and Correcting Bias and Discrimination in Machine Learning Systems
  • Explanation methods for machine learning models and predictions
  • Text analysis and NLP
  • Experimental design for machine learning based systems
  • Online and active learning
  • Combining machine-learning techniques with social science and behavioral psychology for large-scale data-driven behavior change problems.

If you are interested in working with us as a project partner or researcher, or are in a government, community, or nonprofit organization and want to discuss how our approach would improve outcomes in your work, please contact us.